Why should you do HIIT?

Why should you do HIIT?

Not many are aware that 30% of individuals around the world don’t get enough physical activity daily in their lives. Unless they have a demanding job, a fitness routine is likely one’s best bet for getting fit and active.

If you’re one of those individuals who want to get active and fit, however, fail to find enough time to work out – then it’s time to try high-intensity interval training or better known as HIIT.

HIIT is a workout with short intense exercises alternated with the time given for recovery.

One of the best benefits of this workout is getting the maximum benefit in minimal time performed.

This article will highlight the 4 main benefits of HIIT


1. Burn lots of calories in a short amount of time

Individuals burn calories quickly performing HIIT workouts.

Researchers have found the HIIT workout to burn 25-30% more calories than other exercises. In the study conducted, the workout consisted of 20 seconds of maximum effort with 40 seconds of rest. This meant that individuals were exercising the only ⅓ of the time. In the study, each workout was 30 minutes long whereas it’s very common for HIIT workouts to be much shorter.


2 .Raise your metabolic rate

The actual calory burning starts after the workout and hence several studies show the HIIT ability to increase metabolic rate for hours after exercising. This is more effective than weight training and jogging causing a shift in the body’s metabolism using the fat as an energy source rather than the carbs.

Only two minutes of HIIT in the form of sprints increase metabolism over 24 hours as much as 30 minutes of running.


3. Shed Fat

HIIT may be one of the most effective exercises for fat loss who are obese or overweight. A study conducted with 424 obese and overweight adults took place from which it was found that HIIT exercises performed thrice a week with 20 minutes per session made 2 kg fat loss without any changes made to the diet.

There was a 17% reduction in fat that promotes diseases through HIIT. Even with a smaller time commitment, HIIT has provided to be better for weight loss.


4. Gain Muscle

HIIT doesn’t only help with the fat loss but also helps in increasing the muscle mass in some individuals. However, the gain in muscles is primarily in legs and trunk due to them being used the most.

Although best for fat loss, HIIT hasn’t proven much successful for muscle mass gain and weight training remains the gold standard form of exercise increases the total mass of muscles.

The HIIT or high intensity interval training is beneficial for individuals needing a reduction in insulin and blood sugar. The improvement made has been seen in both diabetic and healthy individuals.

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